ACAeronet Login – Air Canada Employee Login Portal

ACAeronet is the official login portal made for Air Canada employees so that they can perform intranet activities and Transportation facilities. Employees can find information related to their pay statements, HR-related information, and also update their personal information whenever necessary.

ACAeronet is basically a one-stop solution for the ones who work for the Air Canada airlines. This is a benefit to all the employees offered by AirCanada wherein all the details and updates of employees is available.

ACAeronet Login

The ACAeronet platform holds all their employee information like retirements, employee travel site, benefit summary, dental claims, submit health claims, claim secure access. Checklists, birthdays and anniversaries, letter of retirements, employee discounts and much more. If you are an employee at Air Canada, then you know what exactly benefits are offered by the website.

Why Use AcAeronet Login?

Now, you might think that why should you be using ACAeronet account? Well, ACAeronet has a lot to offer to all the Air Canada employees. We will illustrate why ACAeronet is necessary for you and what are its benefits in this article.

Firstly, all the company updates are available on this portal wherein all you need to do is login and get the required information with a single mouse click. There won’t be any need to contact higher authorities every time you need to check your healthcare claims or confirm your leaves. All the necessary process are made simpler using the official website. You can also try my estub login for checking your paycheck details if you company has opted for it.

Organization Air Canada
No of employees 30,000+
Parental Website
Country Canada

Even your payment-related information will be available on this portal only. Information like your salary credit date, and how much salary credited will be accessible on this portal. Check the below list of features to get a better understanding of the ACAeronet online portal.

Better Management

The company knows about its employees much better through the ACAeronet online portal than maintain a copy or records as they used to do in older times. This helps the company manage and assign tasks to the employees very easily. Thus, this is very simpler and quick to check how an employee is performing at the company and check their personal details submitted at the time of joining.

There won’t be a need to ask the higher level of authorities about the performance of their juniors. The company can reward/ take actions against the employees based on their work with the company anytime. This will create transparency and better work culture in the company.

The portal is not just helpful for the company but for the employees as well. Employees can check their payslips and get to know what tasks are assigned to them. Employees can directly report the updates to the company using the portal only.

24×7 Accessibility

The best part about an online portal is the flexibility in accessing it. No matter whatever the time is, you can use the offers 24 hours access to connect with the company and check the manage your details. You will also have access to various features like daily and horizon, HR connex, and the employee travel site all at one place. You can easily plan your day according to the tasks displayed on your ACAeronet login account.

Working Hours

All your personal and professional track records are available on the portal of ACAeronet. With the help of your account, you can easily track your daily schedule. Employees can even know the exact number of hours they have worked with the company. The official portal also lets employee register their daily schedule.

Since you have access to the total working hours in the company, it would help you make a decision on whether to apply for a leave or not. Air Canada won’t deny your leave given your previous working hours in the company are satisfactory.

ACAeronet also saves up a lot of time which could be wasted talking to seniors asking for your details. You would just have to log in to your employee portal account and all your details will be displayed.

Know About Pay Statements

Air Canada is very transparent with the payment statements of its employees. All the data regarding the credit of payments monthly and what salary you will be getting is available on the ACAeronet portal.

As an employee of the company, you can check your pay statements online without any hassles. This simply means you don’t need to bother your senior authorities regarding the pay statements and payment release every now and then. Since ACAeronet is an online portal, you will know about the payments as well as the company policies anytime and anywhere.

Update Personal Information

It is a very crucial process to make sure that the company you are working with has your personal information up-to-date. It may happen that you have changed your address or your phone number recently.

The abundance of features on the ACAeronet portal also lets you make changes to your personal information. All you are required to do is to log in and make the necessary changes under the Personal Information tab.

How to Login to Your ACAeronet Portal

Now, you must be wondering how to login to ACAeronet portal?. Well, login to the portal is an easy process. We have mentioned some really easy steps which you have follow and you will be logged into the portal in no time.

1. Firstly, visit the official website here –
2. Enter your username and password in their respective fields and click on the login. Button.
3. Now, you will be successfully logged into your ACAeronet account.
4. You can navigate to the Employee Travel icon under MyNews Tab or Air Canada Employee Transportation facilities.
5. You can make necessary changes to your personal information, check pay statement, know about company policies, check your health benefit claims and much more.

Note: In case you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the forgot password button available below the login credentials. You will be able to recover your password following some easy steps mentioned below

How to Reset ACAeronet Account Password?

AcAeronet Forgot Password

It may happen that you forget the password to your ACAeronet account. It is very easy to reset your password in such cases. Click on the “Forgot or change password” link present underneath the login fields. A pop-up window will open instructing on resetting the password. Follow the instructions mentioned there carefully and you will be able to reset your password and login successfully.

About Air Canada

Air Canada is one of the largest Canadian Airlines carrying over 48 million people to 200 destinations 6 continents. Air Canada works collaboratively with the Air Canada Express regional partners and is among the leading provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market. There are over 30,000 employees working for the Air Canada airlines who get access to their data by logging into ACAeronet online portal made especially to handle employee operations.