Flight Attendant Jobs in Air Canada

Flight Attendant Jobs in Air Canada

Air Canada offers the best flight experience than any other airline in Canada. The Flight attendants are the reason for the safety, comfort and happy in-flight experience for the passengers. The Bussiness Traveller Magazine, North America has awarded Air Canada Flight attendants a top rank. This recognition by such a big magazine publication is itself an indicator of the prestige of Air Canada.

Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs
Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs

The Flight Attendants at Air Canada are always ready to help the passengers with whatever they require. Air Canada’s HR team is very strict while recruiting for the Flight Attendants for their Airline company. There are looking for individuals who can handle challenging situations with poise and diplomacy. Other than this, the applicant must be able to communicate well with all types of passengers politely.

Requirements for Flight Attendant Jobs

If you are looking to apply for a Flight Attendant job at Air Canada, then you must fulfill these requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must have a valid Canadian passport which permits you to travel to all the countries served by Air Canada Airlines.
  3. Must be willing to wear Air Canada Flight Attendant uniform on duty without fail.
  4. You must be perfectly groomed always and meet Air Canada’s set grooming standards well.
  5. Must be able to clear the security checks by Transport Canada and a criminal background check.
  6. Must attend the 7-week Air Canada’s Flight Attendant training program before joining.
  7. Must be willing to come to the job on immediate call and all shifts ( Morning, evening, and weekends).
  8. Air Canada prefers candidates who can communicate in more than one language. If you know one or more of – Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Punjabi and Turkish, you must tell the HR team.

Responsibility of a Flight Attendant at Air Canada

Working as a Flight Attendant at an Airline company like Air Canada is not a piece of cake. You need to be always on your toes as there are a lot of responsibilities on you. Here are a list of daily functions you need to perform as a part of your job.

    1. Ensuring customer safety: The first and foremost responsibility of a Flight Attendant is to ensure the safety of the passengers. You need to treat them well and make sure they know all the safety measures in case of any mishappenings.
    2. Customer comfort: You must be obsessed with delivering the best of your service to the customers. You have to cater to the requirements of the customers to ensure they are having a good time.
    3. Polite & Gracious Host: Every customer needs to be treated with empathy, care, compassion, and respect. You must demonstrate the country’s values and ethics with your service.
    4. Teamwork Skills: You must be willing to work in a team and ensure that you respect your seniors. Moreover, it is also your responsibility to teach your juniors.
    5. Adaptable: Air Travel is very challenging and ever-changing job. You must be able to adapt to different climate changes, situations, and find solutions with a calm mind.

Final Words

We wish you all the very best for your job as a Flight Attendant in Air Canada. You must read this article above very carefully and check all the mentioned requirements. We hope we are able to help you with all the information we share about Air Canada and ACaeronet on our website.

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