Pilot Jobs in Air Canada Airlines

Pilot Jobs in Air Canada Airlines

Are you looking for job opportunities in Air Canada Airlines?. Working with an Airline company like Air Canada is itself a prestige and honor. Air Canada is among the largest Canadian Airlines. They have served over 48 million passengers to 200 destinations access 6 continents. Moreover, Air Canada Airlines has 30,000+ employees working in the company.

Air Canada Pilot Jobs
Air Canada Pilot Jobs

Air Pilot is one of the well-known career options of all time. Each Air Canada Pilot has to take a lot of responsibilities to carry a safe flight to many destinations across the globe. Apart from a safe flight, it is also equally important to carry the passengers with comfort and within the scheduled time.

What are the Requirements for Air Canada Pilot Jobs?

Air Canada is very serious while hiring Pilots for their Airlines as it is a big responsibility. These are the key requirements to fulfill before applying for a Pilot Job at Air Canada.

  1. You must have completed at least 2000 hours of fixed-wing flying time.
  2. You need to have completed education at the university level.
  3. Must be able to pass the Air Canada’s medical and visual acuity and get a Category 1 certificate.
  4. You must get a Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating in the Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).
  5. Must have Canadian citizenship to apply for the job.

Now, the above-given ones are the most basic requirements to apply for a Pilot Job at Air Canada. Being a pilot in Air Canada requires a lot more than just these basic requirements.

Air Canada is also looking for the below-mentioned qualifications in their Pilots:

  1. Must be a three or four-year diploma/degree holder from a recognized college/university.
  2. A degree or diploma in Aviation is mandatory.
  3. Must have commercial or military flight experience.
  4. Experience with Jet and/ or glass cockpit is required.

How to Contact Air Canada Hiring Department

You can apply for Air Canada Pilot Jobs by submitting your resume on the official website of Air Canada (Careers section). You need to first create a new career profile here. After you have created your profile, you need to upload a copy of your resume.

The Air Canada Human Resource Team will select the resumes which match their requirement. The selected ones will be called for Interview and further selection rounds.

Final Words

Pilot Jobs at Air Canada Airlines is a life-changing opportunity for someone who wants to scale up in their pilot career. Air Canada offers a lot of perks and privileges to their employees. You can apply for the Pilot Jobs by checking all the details mentioned in this article.

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